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Jean baré originated in the late 1970’s in Namibia. Dr Chris Herbst (founder of Jean baré), was the Head Pharmacist of Northern Namibia. During that time he did research on the prevention of skin cancer.  This research gave birth to various sunblock preparations, and these preparations later gave birth to day & night creams. Later, in the 1980’s, more products followed.

In 1985 Dr Herbst moved to South Africa, from where the official Jean baré range was commercially produced and marketed. During the period 1985 till 1990, Jean baré was mainly sold through independent pharmacies. This approach however changed in the early 90’s when the small pharmacy became engulfed with legalities. Jean baré then changed its distribution strategy to a franchisor-head-office and in the early 2000’s the business evolved to the selling of Jean baré franchises.

Over time the brand had a few facelift and packaging upgrades, but the latest addition to Jean baré is its market related, professional range called Jean baré ARMAMENT. With this range, not only packaging was updated, but product formulations were also altered to incorporated precise, functional, peer reviewed compound active ingredients from all over the world.

For the first time since the 80’s, Jean baré is now again available in Namibia. The new ARMAMENT range is specifically formulated and enhanced to address extreme environmental conditions that influences and alters the condition of the skin. For this reason, additional emollient, humectant and occlusive moisturisers have been included in this range, as well as various peptide combinations, enzyme blockers and collagen enhancers. The entire range is also pH balanced to ensure the delicate equilibrium of the skin barrier function is kept intact.

Value Proposition

Jean baré is a classic and stylish brand that has stood the test of time since 1985, competing within the higher-end brands with its quality pharmaceutical formulated ranges.

Jean baré has two distinct product delineations:

• The natural range that contains mainly plant extracts as active ingredients (there is no animal origin in any of the products). This range is currently only available in South Africa.

• The pharmaceutical grade ARMAMENT range, which is a combination of natural, biological and chemical active ingredients (also with no animal origin).All Jean baré products are formulated to maintain and improve skin integrity, stabilize skin pH, improve cell to cell communication, address free radical damage, focus strongly on sensitivity, hydration and age preventative measures.  Various emollient, humectant and occlusive ingredients fights with the NMF to enhance the skin barrier against harsh environmental conditions. But why is the new Jean baré range called ARMAMENT?

ARMAMENT is in reference to the armour that the skin needs in this day and age. Environmental factors make it inevitable that your skin needs more than just the average care.  Free radical damage, UV rays, extreme environmental conditions etc makes it of the utmost importance to protect your skin with an “armour” around you. Jean baré ARMAMENT consist of various products to cleanse & deep cleanse your skin; heal & restructure damaged skin; nourish the skin through extensive, targeted hydration and finally protects with vital sun blockers.

The ARMAMENT Difference...

The Jean baré ARMAMENT range aims to provide a superior result with products that penetrates effectively from the outside (via the use of liposomes) to obtain precise end results to all layers of the skin (the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis). With this, an area is created where beauty; science; expertise and personalized attention meet, to create a totally rejuvenating and rewarding experience for the client.

The ARMAMENT range has various main constituents in its armour to specifically target the needs of altered skin conditions & disorders, but also to secure skin vitality & homeostasis. These are:

• Sodium hyaluronate, and various other emollients, humectants & occlusives for appropriate hydration.

• AHA’s for enhanced penetration and texture augmentation.

• Retinoids, soothers, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterial formulations that addresses sensitivity, inflammation, acne prone skin and revitalisation.

• Anti-aging constituents, such as a growth factor, liposome encapsulated peptides, proteinase inhibitors, tyrosinase inhibitors, skin-lightening technologies and collagen stimulants.

Other botanicals, oils and additional constituents are carefully selected in these products to support/enhance the main active ingredients to ensure maximum efficiency. It plays a very important role in the compounding action of the actives in the Jean baré ARMAMENT range.

To conclude, Jean baré ARMAMENT is also a skincare range that offers a solution to moisturize both an oily and a dry skin. Oily skin is characterised via an over production in sebum whereas the dry skin lacks enough sebum. Dry skin lacks thus the lipids it needs to retain moisture, and it also often presents an impaired barrier function seeing that it does not contain enough cholesterol, ceramides and fatty acids. Jean baré ARMAMENT addresses the various concerns of a dry skin with the cream-collection range that nourishes the skin via several emollient, humectant and occlusive ingredients that soften, lock in moisture and form a protective layer for the tight, dry skin.

Whatever the triggers of the oily skin, very often this skin type becomes dehydrated although it is oily. This means the oily skin feels tight, and though it still produces sebum (in fact too much) it lacks water. To address this ‘need for water’, Jean baré ARMAMENT has a specialised gel-collection that is formulated to control and supplement the disturbances of a typical oily, but water-dry skin. These gel based moisturisers will lock in moisture via various humectants without adding too much lipids & fatty acids that will result in breakouts and over nourishment of the skin.

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